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Welcome to PAMEDCO, a high-tech company, engaged in providing an array of products and services in the advanced health care industry arena. PAMEDCO offers products and services to all professional health care providers, serving diversity of health care sectors to achieve their ultimate goal ''best practice in patient care''.
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PAMEDCO signed exclusive partnership agreement with PolyMem - USA , Ferris Corp., a world leader in manufacturing advanced wound care dressing to be exclusive distributor in the territory of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PAMEDCO signed exclusive partnership agreement with Hutchinson – USA, the world leader in manufacturing patented tissue oxygen saturation monitors which is recently recognized as a new important trend in vital sign parameters monitoring to save patients lives

PAMEDCO signed exclusive partnership agreement with Dr.Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG – Germany, Pioneers in manufacturing MedSkin solutions for tissue regeneration and skin reconstruction after injuries to complete loss of epidermis and dermis.

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PolyMem® belongs to Ferris Corp. which is American based Company with innovative class of adaptable unique wound care multifunctional dressings designed specifically to encourage wound healing and reducing overall patient's wound pain experience. All PolyMem dressings effectively cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum. No other single wound dressing combines these four key wound-healing capabilities like PolyMem. It helps to heal most common wound types and etiologies like chronic, acute, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers….etc.

PolyMem's family of dressings is available in a variety of configurations that can suit different wound needs and sizes through the healing continuum.

For Further information, please visit: www.polymem.eu

Hutchinson is American based company produce patented InSpectra™ StO2 Tissue Oxygenation Monitor which provides continuous, real-time information for perfusion status monitoring; a new hemodynamic parameter (StO2) that assist clinicians in the early detection of inadequate tissue perfusion (hypoperfusion).

Knowing a patient’s perfusion status – noninvasively, continuously, and in real-time – aids clinical decision-making, helps reduce and treat the incidence of shock more effectively and, ultimately, helps a facility deliver better patient care.

For further information, please visit: www.htibiomeasurement.com
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