Pan Arabia Medical

Pan Arabia Medical (PAMEDCO) is a high-tech company, engaged in providing an array of products and services in the advanced health care industry arena. Pan Arabia Medical offers products and services to all professional healthcare providers, with head quarter based in the capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving diversity of healthcare sectors in Saudi including Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA), Ministry of Interior (MOI), Ministry of High Education, National Guard Healthcare Affairs (NGHA), institutional and private healthcare facilities.

With a comprehensive set of services, Pan Arabia Medical provides all necessary tools to facilitate the sale of its growing portfolio of medical products, along with quality services ranging from market analysis all the way to the physical distribution, sale, and post-sale support.

Pan Arabia medical has the capability to introduce medical products and technologies by driving the market and introducing ideas and concepts to a high standard of care utilizing the intensive experience in all the healthcare sector segments and settings including but not limited to:-

  • Emergency
  • Intensive Care (ICU, CCU, CVICU, CSICU, MICU)
  • Surgery (Cardiac, Vascular, General, Orthopedics, Trauma, Plastic, Cardiothoracic, Gynecology and Neurology)
  • Wound care
  • Burns
  • Geriatric

Although a new company founded by highly talented medical professionals, Pan Arabia Medical houses a combined experience of over 40 years in the medical field, Professionals with experience in healthcare business development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond to the Gulf countries and Middle East.

A talented management team with strong KSA health market experience working in an innovative culture that allows for creativity and advancement while maintaining superior customer service that builds loyalty. We assure our business partners, healthcare providers and suppliers, that Pan Arabia Medical is run by a first class management team, and directed by a highly experienced board of directors

President, His Royal Highness Prince Talal Bin Bader Bin Saud Bin AbdulAziz

It's 'customer' and 'community' that matter

It's 'customer' and 'community' that matter. That has been Pan Arabia Medical (PAMEDCO)motto ever since our establishment.

In such global healthcare challenges and recent advances in medical technology. PAMEDCO was established to deliver innovations and lead the healthcare markets with optimum services and settings.

We value our mutual relationships with customers and business partners, through which we form an ally of support for doctors, nurses, researchers and community. When dreams become reality, we at PAMEDCO share the same joy and sense of accomplishment as the people in the societies that we serve.

Since its founding, PAMEDCO has maintained its dedication to better everyday life and contribution towards society's health and happiness. PAMEDCO will press ahead in order to meet and go beyond the expectations.

At the end, PAMEDCO will strive to fulfill these above philosophies, and continue to put full effort to effectively contribute in the development of Saudi's medical and healthcare services in all ways possible.

Our Services

Advanced Wound Care
Medical Technical Services and Maintenance

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Vision And Mission


  • To differentiate ourselves with superior customers services, leveraging innovative methodologies and proven technologies.
  • To become the pioneers in the marketing, distribution, and sale of proprietary medical products.
  • To provide advisory services that will help our clients make a distinctive, lasting and substantial improvement in their performance.
  • To continuously seek development by investing in our processes and people to adapt to the changing market dynamics.


  • Pan Arabia Medical To be the most recognized ultimate leader in healthcare services and solution as a global medical company.
  • We provide in-depth market analysis to present a clear image of the target market and to provide accurate and relevant market information necessary for making key decision that will dictate the success of launching new product. In our market analysis, we incorporate information such as: market size, trends, existing technologies, competition, and customer behaviors and perceptions.
  • We also go beyond market analysis and work collaboratively with our product' business partners to formulate the most appropriate marketing strategy to successfully enter the target markets and fully utilize the potential of such market. Our market analysis is incorporated as key component of our marketing strategy.
  • We prioritize our customers first, and every team in the company from recruitment and training to our internal culture and operational approach, is proud to achieve the greatest levels of customer service and support. As part of this we devote a great deal of investment and care into our technology to ensure that the clinical demands of our customers are being met. In summery, our customer is the main focus as our business partner.
  • Pan Arabia Medical is proud to be your current and future strategic business partner to the best of its resources, providing quality products, services, support, investment security, commitments, talents, leadership, innovations and state-of-the-art organization towards leverage of healthcare standards with a global network organization.